Dealing with Common Road Hazards in Your Land Rover


Wherever you are driving, there are bound to be various road hazards that you will be faced with. Regardless of the length of time you have been driving, you need to remember the best ways to handle certain driving situations that could throw you off guard. Our staff at Land Rover Indianapolis would love to offer you some helpful tips on some of the common road hazards that you may experience in the area and how you can deal with them safely in your Land Rover.

Road Debris –A very common road hazard that every driver has to look for is road debris. Whether something falls off of or out of another vehicle or there is debris in the road from falling branches, you need to be able to safely move around the debris to avoid an accident or damage to your Range Rover

Traffic Problems – If you find yourself in heavy traffic in and around the Indianapolis area, it is best to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. You have to be prepared to stop while remaining conscious and alert of your surroundings while behind the wheel. 

Other Vehicles – All you can do is control your vehicle on the roads and not the drivers on the roads with you. With that being said, paying attention will help you to stay safe on the roads and avoid issues with distracted drivers or someone who may be driving erratically. Always keep a safe distance from an erratic driver in front of you and let someone pass if they are trying to follow too closely behind you. 

Land Rover SUVs are made to maneuver all different driving situations and keeping these road hazard tips in mind will help you to stay safer on the roads. You will find Land Rover Indianapolis located at 4620 East 96th Street in Indianapolis, IN or you can give us a call at (317) 785-0015 for information on current inventory. 
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