Smart Tones and New Land Rover Tech


Here at Land Rover Indianapolis, we know that drivers want to drive a luxury SUV that offers the latest in-car technology. From smartphone integration to navigation systems, demand for useful features like this have only grown over the years. That's why it's no surprise to us that the Land Rover brand is adding more firms to its tech incubator, which could soon produce innovative tech that changes the way you drive.

One interesting bit of technology could come from Lisnr, a company that wants to use “Smart Tones” to transmit data over frequencies that human beings can't hear. This would allow a vehicle to communicate with other nearby devices that use the same technology. This feature could actually open up some interesting customization options.

It would allow drivers to use an app to connect to their new Land Rover vehicle. The Smart Tones technology could then tell who was in the car and adjust settings accordingly. If it detects you in the driver's seat, it can move the seat or change your radio favorites. And if you switch spots with a spouse or friend, like during a long road trip, this tech could tell and readjust the settings once again.

Smart Tones could even interact with other nearby technology, One example is the menu at a drive-through restaurant. It could be used to display the establishment's menu on your vehicle's infotainment screen, making it easier to see and navigate. This is just one of the companies working in this new tech incubator, and we can't wait to see what other kinds of innovative features could arise from it.

So if you're looking for a vehicle with useful technology in the area, our dealership should be your first stop. Our Indianapolis Land Rover dealers can help you find a luxury SUV with the features you need. We hope to see you soon!

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