Land Rover TD6 Engine Coming to America

If you've ever shopped for a new Land Rover vehicle, you know that you have plenty of options. Between models, trim levels, colors and add-ons, there are hundreds of ways to customize your vehicle. Except one: the Indiana customers served by Land Rover Indianapolis could not get a vehicle with a diesel engine. That's about to change. The company is bringing their turbocharged TD6 diesel engine to their American models.

There are many factors conspiring against diesel engines for the consumer market. There’s the higher cost of diesel fuel, which averages about ten percent higher per gallon. Diesel has a reputation for being noisy and not driving quite the same as gas. And higher emissions standards also stand to put a pinch on diesel engines.

With all that being said, the bet that Land Rover vehicles will benefit from diesel isn't far-fetched. With the TD6 engine, the company has solved each of those issues. Higher fuel efficiency more than offsets higher prices at the pump. Careful engineering and complex tuning makes for a quiet drive that's indistinguishable from gas. And with exhaust recirculation features, emissions are kept under control. All that, plus diesel gives better torque, increased range, and a longer service life.

To find out more about the TD6 engine, or to take a test drive of a new Range Rover Evoque, visit Land Rover Indianapolis. We serve Indianapolis and Greenwood from our showroom at 4620 East 96th Street in Indianapolis, IN and we're just a phone call away at (855) 263-8905.

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